Phase #2: Developmental Editing

Our book, River of Despair, is now officially in Phase #2 of production. This phase is called Developmental Editing and lasts 2-3 months.

During the Developmental Editing Phase, the team at Tate Publishing meticulously combs our manuscript and sends us a detailed edit by the end of June. These edits will include ways to change, improve or strengthen River of Despair.

It’s our choice whether or not to apply the suggestions in the edit document. Tate does not make any changes; we make any changes and then send it back. Once Tate receives our changes, they apply them and send us the final draft for approval.

This first month, before we receive the edits, it will be fairly quiet. Earlier this week, we complete the Promotional Copy (also called the “Pro-Co”) for the back of our book. It’s basically like an ad for our book, drawing the reader [that’s you!] in and getting them excited about what’s inside.

At the end of the Developmental Phase, River of Despair will move on to the layout/design phase. We can’t wait to see how our book will actually look in print!

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My Favorite Professor’s #1 Tip for Getting Published

Don’t wait to feel “good enough” to get published. Put yourself out there. Starting now.

That was the message my favorite professor communicated over and over again.

Actually, he never said a word about “being good enough” or “not being good enough.” He believed his students were writers. That was a writer. And that fact meant I should pursue publishing. Right away. No excuses.

He even made it a requirement in a couple of classes. I had to get at least one piece published during the semester as part of my grade.

I was terrified. Because I didn’t believe in myself or my writing as much as my professor did. He acted like it was a given.

“Don’t worry. Send your piece in. It will happen.”

Amidst my doubts, my fears and my insecurities,  I wrote. I sent in a piece. And – low and behold – my professor was right. I got published.

Not once. Not Twice. But multiple times. I was thrilled!

While I don’t think those doubts, fears or insecurities ever fully go away (I had them with our book), I will always remember my professor’s belief in me as a writer.

And his #1 tip for getting published: Put yourself out there. Starting now.

Question: Do you have doubts when it comes to getting published? If so, how have you pushed through them?

Step 1: Copy Editing Phase

May 1st was a big day for us.

It’s was the first day of production for our book – River of Despair.

We are so grateful that the Lord opened up this door of opportunity with Tate Publishing. It’s been a long journey since the day Dad came to me with the plot for our first book. He was so excited. The pieces were just fitting together on the page and he wanted me to help make it all come to life. A few years later, lots of hard work, a ton of writing and re-writing, many, many book proposals mailed, and here we are.

Production typically lasts about 8 months. Then there is a 90 day window for pre-ordering and then the official release date. It hardly seems possible. This first month – May – is the Copy Editing Phase. They’re checking our punctuation, spelling and formatting. There’s not much for us to do right now but wait.

We will be posting updates as we move forward on our journey to publication. It’s a dream come true for both of us and we couldn’t be more excited. But we also know we have a lot of hard work ahead of us.

Here’s to Step 1 and every step to follow!