Winning of America: A Series Review

Title: Winning of America

Author: Allan W. Eckert

Number of Pages: Six volume set

What is this book about?

Forget what you learned about American history in school. Especially pre-Civil War American history. Why? Liberal teaching and political correctness (especially in our public schools and colleges) have distorted it. Think: mean, corrupt white men who stole the land from noble, peaceful Indians. Does that ring a bell? The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Whether white, black or red, man in his sin nature is capable of anything.

Mr. Eckert researched for years to write his The Winning of America series, successfully producing a detailed historical account in story form. Eckert explains, “Everything written is taken from personal letters, notes, memoranda, diaries, journals, depositions, tribal records, logbooks, military reports governmental records and legal papers.”

Why should you read this book?

All the books in the series are captivating and brilliantly written. I thought Teddy Roosevelt’s series on American history – The Winning of the West – was great, but Eckert’s series takes the cake.

Get the first volume in the series – The Frontiersmen – and get reading. Is our country great or what?

Question: Have your read any books in this series? If you have, what did you think?