My #1 Fear When It Comes to Writing

I read this article today by Chris Brogan. And it got me thinking.

What patterns do I have in my writing? And are they adding value? Are they working?

If they are…why? If they aren’t…what do I need to change?

Right now I write in my spare time. In odd moments here and there when I have time to string the words together. That’s my pattern – sporadic. I try to post on this blog at least twice a week, but that doesn’t always happen. Is it possible that not having a pattern can be a pattern?

But what other patterns do I have that – if changed or adjusted – could give me more time to establish consistent writing patterns?

Maybe over-checking Facebook, Twitter & Instagram can end
Maybe procrastinating can end
Maybe getting up a little earlier can start
Maybe embracing imperfection can start

As I am writing I realize that one of the biggest, most consistent writing patterns I have is…not writing. And the usual reason for that is…the fear of being imperfect.

Not writing well enough.
Not writing witty enough.
Not writing deep enough.
Not writing thorough enough.

When my real fear should be not writing at all.

So, the biggest writing pattern I have that I want to end? Not writing.

The biggest writing pattern I want to start? Writing.

Question: what writing patterns do you have that you want to end? Start?


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