What’s the Big Idea?

We started this blog because we love a good story.

That’s the big idea behind it in a nutshell. But the extended version of the big idea is pretty awesome, too.

Truth is: we found spare moments over the last few years to dream and create and write. Out of that came a book – our first book – that is due out around the end of this year via Tate Publishing.

We want to be able to share our book with as many people as possible because (here we come full circle)…we believe it’s a good story.

And good stories are meant to be shared.

Because we love a good story, wrote our first book and now want to share it with the world – we also started this blog. It’s a creative outlet and an avenue to share stories.

On this blog we hope to cover: what we know, what we’re learning and what we hope to learn about writing & marketing. The book reviews are included because we know that good reading is foundational to good writing.

So, that’s it.

The big idea.

And it’s kind of nice to have it out in type, for the world to see.

Question: what’s the big idea behind your blog [if you have a blog]? Leave us a link to your blog in the comments so we can check it out.


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