3 Ways to Write When You Feel Like You Can’t

If you’re a writer, you’ve struggled with doubts about your writing ability.

Or doubts about your message.

Or doubts that anyone will ever want to read what you have to write.

I know I have.

After years of writing, earning my Masters in Journalism, having small works & articles published multiple times and now co-authoring my first book with my dad, I still have a myriad of doubts – doubts that keep me from writing more times than I’d like to admit.

I know these doubts are just feelings (they’re not reality). So, here are 3 ways to write when you feel like you can’t:

1. Write for you.

Sometimes you forget the truth – the real reason you write is because you love to write. You were born to write. You don’t ultimately write for an audience. You don’t write to impress others. You don’t write so the whole world will sit up and take notice. You write for you – to be true to yourself and what God has called you to accomplish. If only you and God read what you write, you have succeeded. 

2. Write un-edited.

Too often you edit yourself before you even put one word on the page. The voice of doubt too often decides what deserves to be written and what doesn’t…and it shouldn’t. At times like this, you have to remind yourself to simply write. With no filter. Just let the words flow onto the page, come what may. Some of your best writing happens when you give yourself permission to write what you heart wants to say – when you write unedited.

3. Write anyways.

Whether you feel like you can or not. No matter what the voice of doubt is whispering in your head. Write anyways. When all is said (written) and done, what you write may not be anything groundbreaking. It might not be anything anyone else will ever read. But at least you’ve written something. You haven’t given in to the voice that says you can’t.

Question: What ways do you write when you feel like you can’t?


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