A Beginning

Every story has a beginning.

Dad grew up in Tahosa Valley near Estes Park, Colorado at the base of Longs Peak. That’s Longs Peak in the background of the picture below. That’s also Dad and his two brothers, Jim and Bob…and their trusty side-kick, Jody.

So, you see, the story behind our book really started when Dad was a boy. His adventures with his brothers in the Rocky Mountains became the impetus for great things.

Jim, Jeff, Bob & Jody | Colorado Rocky Mountains | 1970

My writing career also has its roots in my childhood years. When I was 11 years old I took a stab at my first truly long story. You know, the kind that actually has chapters. I’ve been writing ever since…not really about my past but definitely influenced by my past.

To me they are both the same. Whether we write about the past or from the past, our words have the same origin: our hearts.


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